Adoption/Foster Application


Please contact us at BEFORE submitting your adoption application and deposit!

All adoption applications are processed in the order they are received. And then, prioritized for the best possible match

to your family and individual living situation (other pets, children, personality of the hound, etc.) or preferences.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!


  1. Download the AGA Application to your PC

  2. Open the saved Application on your PC

  3. Fill in all required/applicable blanks

  4. Save your completed Application on your PC

  5. *Attach your completed Application to an email and send to AGA at

*Completed AGA adoption applications can be sent to us (printed or electronically):

  • fax to 512-895-9150

    • or mail it to:

Austin Greyhound AdoptionPO Box 336Cedar Park, TX 78630-0336

There is a $50 non-refundable application deposit which must be paid with your application submission.

or include a check with your completed and signed application.

or include a check with your completed and signed application.

For approved applications, the application deposit will be deducted from the final adoption fee.

The final non-refundable adoption fee is (including the $50 non-refundable application deposit):

  • Grown-up/Adult (1 to 8 years) $425

  • Youngster/Puppy (under 1 year) $475

  • Wisdom of years /Senior (8 years and over) $300

  • Special-needs hound (determined by case) $300

or provide a check when the adoption is finalized.

(AGA Adoption fees are effective as of 09/01/2022)

**If completing application to become a FOSTER, there are NO FEES required!

Please call (512) 895-9150, ext 2 or email if you have questions about becoming an AGA Foster!