Available Greyhounds

AGA volunteers work very hard to bring you the healthiest and happiest hound for adoption.  

Our hounds are taken to AGA's veterinarian immediately upon arrival to be spayed/neutered, heart worm tested, teeth cleaned, vaccinations, nails trimmed & bathed.  

However, vet costs can run 

anywhere from $300 to $500 or more depending on what the newly retired greyhound's needs are when they are brought into our adoption program

 - and adoption fees only cover a portion of those costs.  

The remainder is paid for by generous donations by Hound-lovers like YOU!

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Unfortunately, due to concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic and following recommendations from the CDC and government agencies,
AGA will be suspending all public events and Meet & Greets until further notice. 
However, AGA is still receiving hounds for foster and adoption!
Please complete an adoption or foster application and contact us directly to meet the greyhounds.
(512) 895-9150 Ext. 2 or adoption@austingreyhounds.org.

Don't overlook the Seniors!
We have several senior Greyhounds available. (Dogs over 8 years of age are often referred to as Seniors.) 
Senior Greyhounds are seniors in name only! Don't let the Senior distinction fool you...Senior Greyhounds are just as fun loving and active as 3 year old Greyhounds!

Black, Male, 69 lbs.
Date of birth  9 NOV 2012
"CTW Pipe Down"
Sire: Trent Lee;

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Brindle, Female
Date of birth 8 MAY 2018
"Kells Orca"
Sire: Flying Fired Up;
Dam: Flying Blue Kush

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Red, Male
weight 72 lbs
Date of birth 26 APR 2017
"Kells Patrick"
Sire: Kells Diablo
Dam: Kells Believer
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Jackie - Adoption Pending!

White & Black, Female
Date of birth 1 MAY 2019
"Yuka Saso "
Sire: Kelsos Fusileer
Dam: Herstal

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White & Brindle, Female
Date of birth 1 MAY 2019
Sire: Kelsos Fusileer
Dam: Herstal
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Dark brindle, Male
Date of birth 30 JUN 2013
"CBJ Black Smoke"
Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny
Dam: Macs Lonesomeluv

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Buffy - Adoption Pending!

Dark brindle, Female
Date of birth 15 SEP 2013
"CBJ Powder Puff"
Sire: Flying Westover
Dam: Gable Visa

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...and sometimes, it's not even 6 weeks!
Adopters are waiting to adopt Greyhounds.
Help AGA bridge the gap between the track and adoption! 
If you have ever considered fostering a Greyhound, 
If YOU can help bridge that gap, 
please fill out an AGA Foster Application today.
There is no fee to foster and the reward is knowing that you've helped
a retired racing greyhound on they journey to their forever home! 
For more information, 
email the AGA foster team at foster@austingreyhounds.org 
or call 512-895-9150, ext. 2

Mariah - AGA Lifetime Foster

Mariah has become a favorite Senior Gal within the AGA Family! As she has gotten older, though, she has developed a series of chronic benign skin cancers and small blood tumors that must be monitored and removed when necessary. 

AGA made the decision to make Mariah a permanent foster family member and assure that she gets the attention and medical care 
that she needs for the rest of her life.

Although she is not in any life-threatening danger, we just think she deserves extra TLC  and a "permanent" place to land with us!

See more about Mariah on:
http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=BI%27s+Fast+Pace https://youtu.be/XH-3DEeSrZI
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