Available Greyhounds

AGA volunteers work very hard to bring you the healthiest and happiest hound for adoption.  

Our hounds are taken to AGA's veterinarian immediately upon arrival to be spayed/neutered, heart worm tested, teeth cleaned, vaccinations, nails trimmed & bathed.  

However, vet costs can run 

anywhere from $300 to $500 or more depending on what the newly retired greyhound's needs are when they are brought into our adoption program - and adoption fees only cover a portion of those costs.

The remainder is paid for by generous donations by Hound-lovers like YOU!

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Hot Stuff
color Brindle
sex female
date of birth 13 MAR 2014
See more about Hot Stuff on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/8100798   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=rcyS8q&d=kells+hot+stuff   Sponsor Me!

Brother/Littermate to recently adopted Tyco (Metalica) and Janus (Journey)!
color White with Black Ticking 
sex male 
date of birth 10 APR 2016
See more about Zep on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/8047347   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=Hashtag+Zepplin   Sponsor Me!

Sue is a wonderfully sweet soul but is hearing impaired due to a virus she had when she was very young.  However, she is in excellent health and ready for retirement in a loving home.  Sue's Foster Mom is teaching her hand-signals and so far she has mastered "come" and "stay"!
Because of Sue's hearing impairment and tendency to be easily startled, our goal is to place Sue in a home with no young children or other pets.  Also, because of Sue's hearing impairment, she qualifies for AGA's "Special Needs Hound" adoption fee of $150.

color White and Brindle
sex female
date of birth 12 JUN 2016
See more about Sue on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/7823965   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=Hashtag+Pondasue   Sponsor Me!

Liza is a very happy and loving hound that is currently living in an active foster home!  Liza suffers from chronic corns on the pads of her feet and as such doesn't like to do huge lengths of walking, although she does get around just fine, goes for walks around her neighborhood with her Foster Mom, and is full of affection - as well as, loves her naps!  Liza's corns are treatable and just require ongoing care by her human.  Liza is also good with children, cats, and other dogs!!!  Because of Liza's corns, she qualifies for AGA's "Special Needs Hound" adoption fee of $150.

color Black
sex  female
date of birth 18 SEP 2011
See more about Liza on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/5830163   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=miss+liza   Sponsor Me!

Alba - Adoption Pending!
color Fawn 
sex female 
weight 26 kg ~ 57 lbs 
date of birth 12 OCT 2009 
See more about Alba on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/5428660   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=Atascocita+Alba   Sponsor Me!

Please consider sponsoring Kay's continued medical care due to her diagnosis 
of dilated cardiomyopathy. She is doing wonderfully in her recovery 
(happy and affectionate, loves to see people and other hounds!), but still 
has several vet and cardiologist appointments ahead and monthly medications. 
A BIG Thank You to Great Oaks Animal Hospital for offering to provide 
Kay's monthly heart medications to AGA and to Kay's future forever family at their cost of $75.
Because of Kay's heart condition, she qualifies for AGA's "Special Needs Hound" adoption fee of $150. 
Sponsor Kay's medical care by clicking the PayPal button below!
Sponsor Me!
color Brindle
sex female
weight 28 kg ~ 62 lbs
date of birth 10 MAY 2013
See more about Kay on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/7428552   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=kay+conradt   
AGA sends our heartfelt thanks to these donors to Kay's medical care!
We are grateful for your continued generosity!!
Kait Rich
Julia Remington
Daryl Price
Ross Jones
Lara Stenberg
Dale Briggs
Paula Johnston
Chris Lee
Craig Couch
Chad Hill
Blair Thompson
Jason Hoffman
Wade McCook
Lisa Stumpf & Forster Willaman
Miles Meister
Jeonghwa Sager
Jim Lorne
Zachary Kloepping
Christopher Boyle
Joan Lawrence
Desiree Caufield
Matthew Morin
Gratian Crisan
Bob & Connie Petruskevch

Denise Court

Amy Woods
Charles Judge
Linda Read
DeAnne Blackwell
Patti Berg
Nathaniel Solis
Ashton Sewell
Craig Sussman
John Miller
Denay Irons
Bobbie Wier
Lana Henley
Clarke Curtis
Jonathan Spillman
Justin Feng
Craig Leach
Rachael Cayton Barden
Shari Crisan
Miriam Solis
Catherine Thomas
Michele Truhlik
Cullen Tennison
Theresa Roberts-Seibold

Brent Ryczak

May Chou

Mariah - AGA Lifetime Foster
Mariah has become a favorite Senior Gal within the AGA Family! As she has gotten older, though, she has developed a series of chronic benign skin cancers and small tumors that must be monitored and removed when necessary. 
 AGA has made the decision to make Mariah a permanent foster family member and assure that she gets the attention and medical care that she needs for the rest of her life. 

Although she is not in any life-threatening danger, 
we just think she deserves extra TLC and a "permanent" place to land with us!
I want to sponsor Mariah's care!

Sponsor Mariah's ongoing medical and foster care 
by clicking the "Sponsor Me with PayPal" button!

See more about Mariah on:
https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/greyhound/3536421   http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=BI%27s+Fast+Pace  https://youtu.be/XH-3DEeSrZI