Adoption Process

Where to Start!

Decide if a greyhound is the right dog breed for you. We can help you decide - just call us at 512-895-9150, email us at, or visit us at a meet & greet. You can also read books (we highly recommend Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood ) or find information on the internet ( is a great place to start) 

Complete the AGA adoption application and send to us (printed or electronically).
Austin Greyhound Adoption
PO Box 336
Cedar Park, TX 78630-0336 

There is a $50 non-refundable application deposit which must be paid with your application submission. ** 
or include a check with your completed and signed application.

For approved applications, the application deposit will be deducted from the final adoption fee.

The final adoption fee is $275 ($150 Seniors 8 yrs & up  and  $300 Puppies 0-12 mos,  effective 10/01/2016). ** 

or provide a check when the adoption is finalized.

**If completing application to become a FOSTER, there are NO FEES required
  Please call (512) 895-9150, ext 2 or email if you have questions about becoming an AGA Foster!

We'll contact you to review your application and answer any questions you might have.

Once your application is approved, we will make arrangements for you to meet available greyhounds at one of our foster homes or at a meet & greet. 
We will help you to choose the right greyhound for your family.
The final step is to sign our adoption contract, pay the $275 fee (less the $50 deposit), and take delivery of your new greyhound. 
The $275 adoption fee includes ($150 Seniors 8 yrs & up  and  $300 Puppies 0-12 mos)
    • Spay/ Neuter
    • All vaccinations (DHLPP, Bordatella and Rabies)
    • Heartworm Test (and treatment if positive)
    • Fecal Test (and treatment if positive)
    • Dental Cleaning
    • New for 2015 – Micro chipping
    • Collar, Leash and Muzzle
    • Adopting the Retired Racing Greyhound for Dummies Book by Lee Livingood
    • Mentoring throughout the life of your greyhound

The adoption fee is reduced to $150 for AGA dogs over 8 years of age. Dogs over 8 years of age are often referred to as Seniors. Senior Greyhounds are seniors in name only. Don't let the Senior distinction fool you. Senior Greyhounds are just as fun loving and active as 3 year old Greyhounds!    Greyhound-data  Follow us on Linked In