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Atascocita Zea

Color: Red Fawn
DOB: 9 DEC 2007 (6 Years)

Zea is an elegant fawn with a black and white tipped tail and a widow's peak. She has a small limp from a bad break, but it doesn't seem to cause her any pain and it definitely doesn't slow her down! It does keep her from jumping up on things (and people!) so she needs a little help climbing into cars, etc.

She's quite the tail wagger and she teeth-chatters like a little chipmunk when she wants attention.

She loves meeting new people and taking walks (she will head-butt you enthusiastically if you take too long getting ready). She can get a little tired and distracted on long walks but perks up with encouragement.

She stays in a bedroom during work hours with her foster brother quite happily. She also did well in a kennel (she had to be lead inside but went enthusiastically once she got going), however, she prefers staying in the closed bedroom (she let us know this preference by running in the bedroom and laying down before kennel time!).

She's a beautiful sweet girl and behaves much better than her spoiled foster brother. She would be fine with other dogs but has not been cat tested. She would probably be fine alone as well, although a kennel would probably be better at first for her without another dog there (she will try to end random non-edibles if she finds them on the floor).

Special Upcoming Events:

As we say goodbye to summer & hello to fall, please remember to mark your calendar with our special events.

  • Gift Wrapping at Barnes & Noble Book Store, Arboretum

    AGA’s been given three dates: Nov. 30, 3-8 pm; Dec. 15, 5-10pm; and Dec., 19, 1-6 pm. Two greyhounds at a time while we wrap (more humans are allowed). At least 2 humans and 2 greys max at each shift. This is always a lot of fun, and we get sizeable donations at these events because everyone is in the Holiday spirit!

AGA's primary goal is to find responsible loving homes for pure-bred greyhounds after life on the racetrack and to acquaint the public with the desirability and availability of greyhounds as pets.

AGA welcomes everyone to our monthly 'Meet & Greets' at various locations in the Austin and surounding area. Meet and Greets are are a great place to meet and learn about available and adopted greyhounds. Current owners and fosters will be there to let you discover how gentle, lovable, and sociable these dogs are and to answer any questions you have about them and the adoption process. Click the Events link for more information.

AGA is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our volunteers work very hard to bring you the best possible hound for adoption. Small dog and cat testing are done so that a better placement may be achieved. Our hounds are taken to AGA's veterinarian immediately upon arrival to be spayed/neutered, heart worm tested, teeth cleaned, vaccinations, nails trimmed & bathed.

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