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Austin Greyhound Adoption’s (AGA) primary mission is to find responsible & loving homes for purebred greyhounds after life on the racetrack and to acquaint the public with the desirability and availability of greyhounds as pets.  AGA is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as defined by section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Small dog and cat testing, as well as other behavioral assessments if needed, are done so that a better placement may be achieved.  Our hounds are taken to AGA's veterinarians immediately upon arrival to be spayed/neutered, heart worm and parasite tested, teeth cleaned, vaccinations, nails trimmed & bathed.
AGA is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.  We do not operate a commercial kennel facility and are totally dependent on foster homes, adoption fees, and generous financial contributions from the public.  All funds received literally go to the dogs!

Kay still needs your help!


UPDATE 01/15/2018
From Kay's Dr.: "Kay does have decreased function of the heart muscle and I do think that she does have early dilated cardiomyopathy. I think that she will eventually have progression of this disease and develop heart failure, but I do not know when that will happen. It may be in 6 months or it may be in 2 years. I think that the best choice would be to start her on a medication called Vetmedin (pimobendan) to help the heart contract better and support the heart muscle. This may help slow the onset of the heart failure. I also think that we need to try to get her over to Dr. Meier at Heart of Texas to get a better idea of there is something more that we need to do about her heart disease."

From Kay's adoption coordinator: "Dr Theisen says Kay shows early dilated cardiomyopathy which will progress into heart failure eventually. Her heart contractibility is at 28, should be 35-45. Still has heart murmur, but no arrhythmia. Dr suggests we make an appt with Dr. Meier, the cardiologist she recommends, which will take at least 3 months to get in. In the meantime she wanted to be proactive and start her on Vetmedin which has been found to prolong life for this diagnosis. This costs $131 for a month supply at her current dose. She is not sure if the cardiologist will keep her on that or she may want to increase the dose. Dr Theisen says that Kay has 6 months to 2 years to live with this diagnosis, but wants Dr Meier to confirm. She says Kay can go for walks but no exhaustive walks. Her activity level should be kept moderate and to monitor her and take cues from her... if she seems tired to stop whatever activity she is doing."

Original post:
Kay is a happy 4 1/2 year old female greyhound who has just entered retirement in search of her forever home.

During what was to be routine intake vetting and spay surgery, Kay suffered a tear in her uterus causing severe internal bleeding.  Quick thinking and dedicated AGA volunteers rushed her to the emergency hospital just in time for an additional 2-hour surgery to find and close the tear, saving Kay's life.  Kay also needed blood transfusions and several overnight stays in the hospital.  During her recovery from emergency surgery, it was also found that Kay was anemic and may have dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition that causes the heart to enlarge and not pump properly.  Kay is currently on medication and will need to be further assessed to get her through this health crisis. 

AGA could not ignore Kay's needs!  However, the medical interventions that AGA has taken on for Kay are not without cost.  To date, AGA has spent over $4000 for Kay's medical bills on what was to be just a routine vetting of $250.  Kay and AGA desperately need your help to ensure we have the funds not only get Kay well and find her forever home, but to make sure we can continue helping more retired racing greyhounds find their forever homes!

Please consider a life-saving donation toward Kay's medical costs today and help this sweet girl on her road to recovery!

AGA wants to send out our heartfelt thanks to these donors since Dec 18th 
who have donated towards Kay's cause and also made end-of-year donations.
(There are a few more today that have not yet been reported to us, 
so we don't know who you are yet....if we've missed you, please let us know!!!) 
We are grateful for your continued generosity!!
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