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 AGA's Greyhound Handbook

AGA's handbook contains helpful information about fostering or caring for your adopted retired racing greyhound. This handbook is a must-read for anyone interested in adopting a greyhound and is also a valuable resource for addressing new or unfamiliar situations that may arise with your newly-adopted hound. 

We encourage you to download a copy by clicking on the link.

Helpful Websites
Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world with pedigree information drawn from the last four centuries.
Online are 4,160,561 race results and 2,197,073 greyhound pedigrees.

The mission of The Greyhound Project is to promote the welfare and adoption of greyhounds by providing support and information to adoption organizations, adopters, and the public.
Online greyhound community where you will find forums with topics ranging from health and medical issues to training and behavior and food and dietary.

AGA is endorsed by the National Greyhound Association as a partner in responsible adoption.

The TGA works with several adoption agencies in Texas by providing money through grants, helping find homes for the retired dogs and making sure that all greyhounds are treated humanely.

Greyhound News

Greyhounds help to improve children's confidence when reading!

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