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Katy (RW Nasty Girl)

July 2002 - February 2011

Katy came to us in July of 2008 shortly after her 6th birthday. She had been returned to AGA when her previous adoption fell apart after 9 months, with her being labeled “a difficult dog”. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She knew she had to get back to AGA because we were looking for the World’s Most Perfect Dog. Upon finding each other it was love at first sight. From that moment on she was our constant companion.

Katy Dog loved to go, anywhere, any time. She could be sound asleep in another room and if I asked my husband if he was ready to go, she’d coming flying out of the bedroom, dancing around as if she was saying “take me, take me (of course we usually did). She was so perfectly behaved when out in public, shopkeepers welcomed her inside their stores. Shopping South Congress was one of her favs.

Although a city girl, she was quite at home on our West Texas ranch and loved running on the flat, open land. Her buddy was Chapa, a small scrappy dog who lived there and showed her the ropes on being a ranch dog.

She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in early November. We knew our time with this beautiful creature was limited. Our hearts were heavy as we saw her discomfort increasing. She insisted on being taken to the park every day and it was impossible to ignore her demands to go. When it was time to release her from the pain, we did so with great sadness knowing that the world was losing The Most Perfect Dog.