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October 2007 - January 2012

Dear Clyde, my sweet, silly boy.

I miss you every minute of every day. You were my best friend, my companion, my partner in crime, my comic, my snuggler,my counter surfer, my greythound and my bed-hog dog. You were my anchor through painful changes in my life. I have loved and know I will love many other dogs in my life, but you are my heart and soul. For me it was love at first sight. I saw you on that rainy November Day at the Celtic Festival and fell head over heels. I don't think you even noticed me, you were so alive in the moment, taking in all of the sights and sounds and smells. You were so handsome and had such incredible energy that I was instantly smitten!

You made me laugh every single day we were together. I could never be upset with you because all of the "naughty" things you did were so cute! The first day I left you in the apartment alone for work was a little stressful not knowing what to expect upon my return .You greeted me so proudly at the door with the full set of vinyl mini blinds in your mouth from the one window I forgot to "Clyde-proof." I could not help but laugh because Bob and Mac had warned me. I loved your silly tongue hanging out of your mouth, your exuberant dance at breakfast and dinner time, your prize winning tail and your WOO-WOO-OO greeting at the door. I loved you stealing my purses and bags and throw pillows and area rugs and piling them in the middle of the living room.

You were so popular at the apartment complex, the dog park and at PetSmart -where we spent many a rainy afternoon! Everyone knew your name and vied for your attention. You were a perfect ambassador for your breed. I was so proud to be your mom! You made friends every where we went.. Little dogs in particular found you to be enchanting! How many of them at the dog park loved playing kissy face with you? You were so gentle with them as you were with all creatures. All of the human males wanted to be the first one that you would allow to pet you. You became quite the teaser! I'm thinking that there might have been money changing hands with bets placed on who would be the winner!

I had never spent 6 months with just one dog . I don't know if that 's what created the bond we had. I know that in the beginning I wondered if we would become as close as Lorelei, Jed and I were. It didn't take long to know the answer. You had me wrapped around your big paw in no time. I am so glad I was relaxed about unpacking when we moved and spent that extra time with you. I wish more than anything we would have had many more years. I had so many plans for us. I couldn't wait to get home from work every night to be with you, Jed, Lorelei and Lucy.We were a perfect family and I had not one lonely day with my pack.

Watching you run with abandon took my breath away! I was so glad we were able to move to the country where you had space to "spread your wings". When Jed and Lorelei arrived you were very gracious. You had been an only child for 6 months. Suddenly you had to share me with my older dogs. You took it in stride and from the beginning showed them how fun country living next to a pasture of cows could be! I loved your philosophy of "the more the merrier".

Losing you, my favorite goof in the whole universe, was almost more than I could bear. I knew immediately that you were gone. I felt the essence of you leave this world that afternoon. It was like a bright star was suddenly extinguished. As painful as it has been to lose you, Clyde-Dog, I would never give up a single minute of our time. I have so many wonderful memories. I am so glad I took hundreds of pictures of you. I know without a doubt that you knew how much you were loved. Not just by me, but by Lorelei, Jed and Lucy. You were such a good big brother. Lucy absolutely adored you. You taught her the ropes and helped her learn to be part of a family. She still misses you. She sits out back and looks to the fields where you all spent hours playing. The first week you were gone she sat up on the hill and cried every evening.

I have tears mingled with the laughter when I tell Clyde stories. I have saved all of my e-mails to friends that contain tales of your antics and as you know, there are lots and lots of them. One of my favorite memories is of you stealing the bath mat every morning. That cracked both of us up every time! I so loved your sense of humor. My sweet boy, there have been times that I wished I had never met you. Maybe you would have lived a long happy life with another family. I only know that there has never been another dog as loved and cherished as you were. You seemed so filled with joy that I can only hope you loved our life together as much as I did. You will live forever in my heart and I know that if there is a heaven, we will laugh together again.

Your Mom