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1997 - 2011

It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of Chase (aka; Chasey Masey Bigginz Boy, The Chase Monster, Chasers Masers) on Monday Jan 31. Due to old age, he was 14. We adopted Chase in December of 1999 to be the companion of our Dalmatian/Pointer mix Sasha (who passed away Aug of '08 at the tender age of 15). Both were veterans of the Chuy's parade. Although Chase was adopted through GPA-CT, his recent companion Jack, was adopted through AGA in '08. Jack misses Chase as much as we do. Chase was the heart and soul of our household. We do not have children so our furry four legged ones have been terrific comfort. We have had many dogs through the years but only ONE as special as Chase. He was a happy, upbeat personality with a huge loving heart and liked everyone he met. He was smart too. Besides mastering all the usual tricks like "Sit" & "Shake", he learned the ropes of being a "guard" dog from Sasha. He would follow her around the backyard on her routine "perimeter" checks, an activity that gradually wore a path into our grass and one Chase continued after Sasha passed away. Poor Jack, hasn't learned that tradition (yet) and seems a little out of sorts about the new routine and what time is dinner? These were responsibilities Chase took on. He was certain to let everyone know when it was time to get up (6:45 am), when it was supper time (4:45 pm) and when it was bedtime (10:45 pm). So, Jack relied on Chase as much as we did. Chase has left a big gapping hole in our lives that will only diminish with time. He was a brave sport right until the end. Never complaining about his terrible arthritis pain that made our daily walks a little shorter each day. Nor did he whimper when the strength left his back legs giving him trouble when getting up or down or standing over his food bowl. He never let the fact that he lost his bark AND his Roo voice after a surgery in '07, stop him from "air singing" whenever the Cedar Park Fire Dept. trucks would leave for a call with sirens blaring! It is hard watching our furry friends grow old, but the lessons Chase taught us about the dignity in growing old, like not letting pain stop you from doing the things you enjoy, finding fun in the smallest of things (like laying in the sun), the joy of being alive and living life to its fullest, are his Grand Legacy to us, and those who knew him.

We are grateful to GPA-CT and AGA for championing these wonderful dogs. We are grateful for the time we got to spend with Chase and we are glad to have Jack to help us through this, I know he's ready for all the attention and love we can give him. A special thanks go out to Drs. Schmidt and Corcoran at ButterCup Creek Vet who helped keep Chase in "peak" health, and to Dr. Caplan at Capital Area Veterinary Specialists, who literally saved his life--twice--fixing a freak broken leg in '07, and 6 months later an even more freakish blood clot. Chase was a model patient taking the vets' help in gracious fashion and wooing their respective staffs.

But mostly Special thanks goes out to Dr. Schmidt who came to our home Monday morning and helped us open the "doorway" to that special place so Chase could rejoin his friends for a heavenly Roo and cross the Rainbow Bridge free from pain. It is NOT goodbye, but see you soon as we will meet again!

-Jeff & Becky Brecht