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February 1999 - October 2011

I'm very sad to announce that we lost Bali to osteosarcoma in October, 2011. We lost her so fast, just 2 days after she was diagnosed, and we still can't believe she's gone.

Bali was a remarkable hound and we were fortunate that she chose us as her family. She saved us from the heartache of losing our previous dogs and showed us that we could love again. She mentored scores of fosters and showed them the ropes. She disliked some of them, tolerated most, but never liked any. We thought our puppies Murphy and Ridley were doomed to a life of Bali scorn, but she surprised us by welcoming them to our pack and playing with them every day. She even "flirted" with Ridley, something we NEVER thought we'd see. Bali was full of surprises, every one of them followed by our tears of joy and wonder.

The day we let her go started with her feeling great, chasing squirrels in the yard and playing with the puppies. We took her to Freddy's for a puppy cup of custard (her favorite) and a cheeseburger, then took her to the lake for an adventure. She stopped to shake off some water and broke her bad leg which had been weakened by the cancer, and we just couldn't relieve her pain after that. We did the only thing we could and released her spirit to run with her other friends at the bridge. She had a large welcoming committee.

Run free, sweet girl, with your unconventional style, extreme speed, agility and exuberance. You will live forever in our hearts and we already miss so many things about you: your ROWWW- ROWWW-ROWWW and stomping around the house demanding that we do something (hurry up and take you for a walk, feed you, give you a treat); your chubby little fat self crowwwwwding us on the bed at night; your trotting around squeaking a toy whenever we came home; your bossiness; your constantly wagging tail and smiling eyes; your ability to keep Murphy in line with just a look; your trying to sneak in an extra long walk by heading away from home, always; your ability to know when there was food being eaten, and persuading me to share it with you and only you; the way you'd get bored at meet & greets and moan/sigh/whine in protest; your biting other dogs without warning, which wasn't a good thing, but it was your thing and always kept us on our toes; your love of a good adventure; your joy at catching crabs on the beach (score: Bali 3, crabs 0); your ability to remember EVERY place you had ever seen a cat; how you would tire yourself out before a lure coursing run because you were so excited; how you would bury your head in my lap every afternoon for a head and neck scratch; your little white head that got cuter and whiter with age; that you FINALLY allowed us to cut your nails after almost 10 years of fighting about it; the way you'd slide the kitchen gate aside with your paw when we'd take too long to prepare your food; how you would sometimes take 2 biscuits out of the treat bin instead of 1 and scurry away, pleased that you "got away" with it; and a million more things...........we were truly blessed and will love you forever.