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Every purchase benefits the AGA Hounds!

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  Please consider sponsoring one of AGA's available greyhounds 

by clicking 

  the PayPal button next to the hound you'd like to help race into retirement!

Mariah - AGA Lifetime Foster
Mariah has become a favorite Senior Gal within the AGA Family! As she has gotten older, though, she has developed a series of chronic benign skin cancers and small tumors that must be monitored and removed when necessary. 
 AGA has made the decision to make Mariah a permanent foster family member and assure that she gets the attention and medical care that she needs for the rest of her life. 
 Although she is not in any life-threatening danger,
we just think she deserves extra TLC 

Sponsor Mariah's ongoing medical and foster care 
by clicking the "Sponsor Me with PayPal" button!
I want to sponsor Mariah's care!

See more about Mariah on:

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Walk for us! We’re participating in Walk for a Dog!

1. Download the free app at
2. Choose to walk for Austin Greyhound Adoption.
3. Add a dog as your walking companion.
4. Tap “Start Walking” and take a walk!
5. Get your friends to sign up too!
Questions? Visit
  • Be sure to take a walk at least once a week with the app to be counted as an active walker for Austin Greyhound Adoption.
  • Check the Impact tab of the app to see how many other people are walking for Austin Greyhound Adoption.
  • WoofTrax donates based on the number of people actively walking for Austin Greyhound Adoption. The more people actively walking for Austin Greyhound Adoption, the more donations we are able to receive.
  • Don’t have a dog? Walk with an AGA Foster Dog, walk in memory of a dog you loved, or walk with Cassie (WoofTrax's virtual dog).
  • Download the free app at and take your Walk for a Dog! It’s healthy for you, your dog, and Austin Greyhound Adoption!