About Austin Greyhound Adoption

Our Mission

The primary objectives and purposes of this organization shall be to find responsible loving homes for purebred greyhounds which fail to qualify for the racetrack or no longer qualify for the racetrack, to acquaint the public with the desirability of greyhounds as pets, and to inform the public of the availability of these dogs for adoption.

Austin Greyhound Adoption is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contact Austin Greyhound Adoption

PO Box 336
Cedar Park, TX 78630-0336
(512) 895-9150 or (844) 546-3283
General Information   Ext 0   info@austingreyhounds.org
Lost Greyhound         Ext 1   LOST@austingreyhounds.org
NEW!  AGA's San Antonio Chapter  Ext. 713   delaney@austingreyhounds.org

Board of Directors                                       (512) 895-9150 or (844) 546-3283

Executive Board                          ext. 700     

President                            Chuck Renshaw       ext. 702      president@austingreyhounds.org

Vice-President                     VACANT

Secretary                           Angela Baucom       ext. 703      secretary@austingreyhounds.org

Treasurer                           Patti Berg               ext. 704      treasurer@austingreyhounds.org


Director/Special Projects     Christie Cazes        ext. 705       specialprojects@austingreyhounds.org

Director/Social Media          Lewis Merritt         ext. 706       socialmedia@austingreyhounds.org

Director                             Robyn Couger       ext. 707       director-couger@austingreyhounds.org

Director                             Martha Grissom    ext. 708       director-grissom@austingreyhounds.org
Adoption/Foster Team

Director                             Michael Laing       ext. 709       director-laing@austingreyhounds.org

Director                             Stacie Bush          ext. 710       director-bush@austingreyhounds.org
Adoption/Foster Team

Director                            Tonya Nartowicz    ext. 711       director-nartowicz@austingreyhounds.org

Director-Meet & Greets      Pat Webb              ext. 712       webb@austingreyhounds.org
Adoption/Foster Team       

Webmaster                       Chuck Renshaw     ext. 702       webmaster@austingreyhounds.org

Adoption/Foster Team                                   ext. 2          adoption@austingreyhounds.org or foster@austingreyhounds.org

Events Coordinator  Will you volunteer?   ext.3           events@austingreyhounds.org

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